What is the best party island in croatia?

Croatia is a well-known destination for partygoers, but what is the best party island in Croatia? It’s hard to single out any one island as the best destination so we’ve compiled a list of the islands we think you should visit if you are coming to Croatia and want to party! Take a look and choose where you’d like to visit while on your holiday, or go island hopping and visit them all.

best party island in croatia

Pag island

zrce beach

Pag Island is in the northern Adriatic, just north of the city of Zadar. Pag is Croatia’s top spot for summer beach parties and festivals. The party scene here has become so internationally renowned that some people refer to the island as the new Ibiza. Zrce Beach where the biggest parties on Pag happen and it can be found filled with young revellers ready to party hard all throughout the summer. Club Kalypso and Aquarius Club both lie on Zrce Beach and are always packed during July and August with a crowd of partygoers ready to have a good time.

Even though Pag has built a reputation for partying, it is a beautiful island that has much to offer families as well. There are many quieter beaches and other natural wonders that are worth a visit. The island is known for its sheep’s milk cheese, needlework lace and centuries old olive groves, and if you are so inclined, tours are available to show you the more cultural side of life on Pag.

If you are looking for wild parties and pure hedonistic fun, Pag is probably the best island for you. This beautiful part of Croatia offers crystal clear seas, unforgettable parties, and round-the-clock entertainment. Zrce Beach is also home to one of the best European music festivals, The Hideout Festival, which hosts many top international DJs each year.

As Pag grows in fame and recognition internationally, more and more tourists from around the are visiting the island. Zrce has grown to be one of the hottest new party destinations in Europe, so if you’re looking for a good time make sure you visit it on your trip to Croatia!

If you’re interested in visiting Pag to party it up on Zrce Beach with thousands of other partygoers, consider journeying there on a Party Yachting Adventure.

Hvar island

The sunny island of Hvar, as it is often called, is one of the best party destinations on the Croatian coast. The popularity of island among the young people has increased over the past few years thanks to a rise in the number of bars and summer clubs that have recently opened. You’ll find some of the best bars and clubs on the Dalmatian Coast in the town of Hvar, which is the biggest town of the island which is also named Hvar.

The township of Hvar has built a reputation as a luxury destination, and as such prices are higher here than on many of the surrounding islands. If you’re planning on travelling on a budget, you might be better off visiting Pag instead, however if it is within your means a short stopover to this historic and beautiful island paradise is definitely worthwhile. Sailing trips to the island are common and many local providers visit Hvar on their island hopping tours.

Summer nightlife in the town of Hvar is vibrant, and many types of entertainment and exciting things to do can be found. Parties last all night long, and there are also a number of cultural and historical landmarks and other things to see for when you need a break from the partying. Natural and manmade wonders on this island have been recognized worldwide, so you won’t run out of unique and wonderful things to see or do here.

Each year Ultra Music Festival takes place in Split and the surrounding area and beach parties are regularly held on Hvar Island. If you would like to visit Croatia to attend Ultra Music Festival this year, consider visiting Hvar as part of your Ultra Week Party.

With stunning beaches, a rich history and an epic summer party scene, Hvar is truly deserving of the title of one of Croatia’s top party island destinations.

hvar island

Brac island

Bol beach

The Island of Brac is the third largest island in the Adriatic Sea and is situated between the Island of Hvar and Split on the Croatian mainland.

This party island is popular among the young people for several reasons. Bol, the southern part of the Brac Island, has one of the most gorgeous beaches in all of Croatia, Zlatni Rat Beach. The island is also less touristy than Hvar and other islands in southern Dalmatia, so prices are much cheaper here for accommodation, food, and other necessities. Because the island is less glamorous and pretentious than its neighbours, a visit to this island will give you a glimpse of authentic Croatian island life, particularly in the interior.

Bol has a range of nightclubs and cocktail bars, all of which serve plenty of fun from dusk till dawn. There are also wild beach parties held here at selected times during the summer. While Bol doesn’t have the reputation of Pag or Hvar for partying, it’s popularity as a stopover point for the many yacht fleets that island hop around the Adriatic and the tourists on a budget make it a great island destination.

If you are planning a trip to Croatia, be sure to stop in to Brac to see Croatia’s most famous beach or to soak up a bit of island culture. Brac has plenty of nightlife and entertainment for everyone, and you’ll not forget this amazing and beautiful Croatian party island. Day sailing trips to Brac from Split are available, or you could stop in and visit the island as part of a Croatian Yacht Week Holiday.

Rab island

Rab island is an up-and-coming party destination in Croatia. The island lies directly to the north of Pag, and while the smaller island lives in the shadow of it’s much larger and more famous southern neighbour, it is carving out its own niche with festival goers and party people from around the world.

Famous for the pebble beaches near Barbat, the island is an ideal holiday destination for families with children during the day, and for partygoes and nighttime revelers as the sun sets. Pudarica Beach is a hub of activity as the day turns into night, with festivities often including live performances, go-go dancers and international DJ’s. Rab island is growing in popularity with young people and is one of the new party destination islands on the Dalmatian Coast.

rab island